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Clutch Question
Several years ago when I started collecting parts for my build I ordered a full TKO 600 kit from American Powertrain. With this kit they sent me their 11" Mean street duo clutch. They say it's rated for 475-580ft-lbs. Anyone ever use their clutches? Years later my original cam and head build somehow turned into a mild 408C with all the trimmings. While this clutch should still be fine to handle the power since I expect to be around 500hp 500+tq at the fly I was wondering if I should just get a spec 2 clutch or something more well known? At the time I really didn't do much research. The car will be a street cruiser with your usual spirited driving. Should I just give it a go? I don't really want to have to get into the trans again if I don't have to. Still up in the air about going to a hydraulic TB. I was thinking of ordering their linkage parts and getting a Tilton bearing with whatever wildwood MS would match. Thoughts on all?
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