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Cloth seats?
So my original seats are non existent. I hunted down seat tracks and was able to mount a rough set of 1970 seats that a member here gave to me to serve as placeholders. I have no desire to redo these as i redid my 65's entire upholstery and that's a job I'll never tackle again. What a pita.

Anyways, since I've built this car using more elbow grease than cash (and 7173mustangs) I've been tossing the idea of using late model seats.

So here the idea,

Cloth seats from a 94-04 mustang.
3point seat belt conversion.
Since those particular seats have the little hoop for the belt I think it would be cool.
I measured the cloth seats I'm my wife's 98 and my mother in laws 02 GT the dimensions are very close the biggest difference is I would have to weld adapters to bolt them to the 73 tracks.

No more scorching hot seats (big +)
Better than what I have now
Would work well with 3 point conversion
Very close measurements
Ability to have power seats if I wanted to wire it up

Non factory look (don't really care)
Extensive Modification needed
Won't match my blue interior (this kinda bugs me)

I can get a set of seats from a wrecker for $80. Considering price, practicality, driver friendly, an safety I'm really toying the idea. Anyone seen non-7173 seats in our cars or know of an alternative I may have missed? Have a set of fox body seats but the backs are short and would look goofy in the coupe, but at least they have blue!

Anyways I'm open for opinions, thoughts, or criticism. Thanks.

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Didn't someone on the forum here mount a pair of S197 seats on original tracks with zero modifications to the base of the S197 seats?

Anything kicking around your local C-list that may be cheaper?


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I just got back from the boneyard. That was a waste of time. I thought someone did to and I looked at about 2000 pics in the gallery section and I didn't see it or maybe I missed it.

Fox body seats I can find in blue and the tracks mount 14" which is the same as the 73. But I just think they are too wide and a little short.

Sn95 seats are not a bolt up situation as the tracks mount much narrower (like 10" or 11").

No s197 in boneyard yet. Least not the the "U Pick" section.

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I think this is what you're looking for.


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