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closing off sides of shroud
ok so went to home depot other day looking everywhere for a solution to close off sides of shroud. what i found was a box of rubber floor mats about 3/16 thick. measured and cut to fit, used small nut/bolts to fix to shroud. i felt the air flow before and after and it does feel better now. no meter so don't really know results. time will tell. it's not obvious what i did by glance look..
I didn't see it mentioned, what are you running for a fan?

forgot the name, but got it at pep boys.. a performance fan.. so it says. flex alum blades
i can feel a good draft in front of rad, but behind on engine side it's like a tornado.. a lot of air.
If the shroud mods don't solve your problem, I'd recommend a clutched fan. I switched to them about 2000 and have never looked back. Clutch is Hayden 2710, which is a thermostatic clutch. Stock fan was 18 1/2", so you can run an 18" from Hayden (3618) or Derale (17118)


and the studs for the water pump


took car to show yesterday. about 35 mile drive all was well. and i did hit some stop/go traffic and watched the gage. it did go up about 2 needles, way less then i was expecting.
time will tell, the heat of summer is coming. i'm all signed up for the wildwood n.j. show in sept on the boardwalk and i know there's gonna be traffic so i sure hope this works. one of these days i'll install the aftermkt temp gage i got last yr and see what it really is.
one thing i noticed yesterday was when i was in slow traffic my 1st and 2nd gear was fluttering between them and didn't know which one it wanted to be in.. never did that before. i going to add a trans cooler now.
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