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Close Call
Well folks last night I got that call that most dread. Around midnight my phone rang and it was my daughter (19 year old) crying hysterically. After finally getting her to calm down enough to speak she told me that someone had just ran her out of the road. She said it was be hit head on or run out of the road. Thankfully she is just a little bruised and battered but the car is toast. She clipped one of the all brick mail boxes. But as I explained to her and her mother today, we could be dealing with a lot more than replacing a car today. So as hard as it seems today was a good day for me.

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Ouch. Glad to hear your daughter is ok.

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that sucks in all sorts of ways..sorry to hear that..but good thing she made it out ok.
glad she's ok...sheet metal is easier to replace!

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Happy to heir your daughter is fine.
As a father of four I know just how you feel! Give your daughter a big hug (like you haven't already) and let her know we're glad she's okay!

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Good to hear she's OK. Cars can be replaced, people can't!

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Funny thing is this realy shows the wide range of when somebody says a car needs something. You know minor repairs, no rust, etc.... when you call about one. Well after getting her to calm down and before seeing the car, she told me"it needs a window". Which I guess is true, but first it needs something to put the window inRolleyes

Thanks guys
as a father of 4 boys you never want that phone call ,,glad your daughter is ok
Hey Roy! Sorry to hear that you had to feel that bad seconds of that call... I was once in your daugter place, i hitted a horse with my dad's truck in the middle of the night... Was centuries ago but i remember in my bones, my guilt feeling of destroying his truck and the bad moment i wad about to give him...

She is fine and you seem to be a modern great dad so be glad she's ok... Show her how much you love her man! And buy her the doorglass she wants Smile then, replace the car! Je!!

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