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Clear coat over stripes?
Who has clear coated over your stripes and Mach 1 script?  Just wondering if placing the decals directly on the base coat and then apply the clear is a good or bad idea.

1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
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I'm not sure how it would work over tape stripes due to their thickness.

We clearcoated over stripes on my car, but not with the tape stripes. We took a set of OEM NOS stripes and had a graphics company create a negative tape set. The negatives were used as templates for painting the stripes onto the car, and then clearcoating over the stripes. The paint order was primer, color coats, clear coats, stripes, and more clear coats. The end result is pretty cool - you can't feel the stripes through the clear, and in the sunlight there is a slight shadow below the stripes because of the underlying clear coats. Totally unexpected effect, but pretty cool.

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My personal thoughts on doing that would make the car look fake. The stripes were never straight, never perfect and were not shiny like the clear coat would make them. I would also be afraid of peeling since you would need to scuff or sand with scotch bright to get the paint to stick.
I myself would not clear over stripes or not paint on the stripes either. I would get the paint sanded and buffed out and then apply the stripes after the car was completely together.
Just me,

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Unless the clear comes out PERFECT you will need to cut and buff. How would you do that without cutting through the clear and eating the stripe. There is also an adhesion issue to the decal and the decal to the base coat. Even if you managed to do it successfully it would look wrong. It is a bad idea. Chuck
I agree with David above.

One thing I always thought to be cool about the factory tape stripes is the way the texture of the tape makes it appear to change colors in changing light angles. So Black stripes look like they change to an argent then back as you pass the car in certain lights.  Not sure if this effect goes away with a clear coat or not.

Hi Wade,

I agree also with what the guys have said above.

This practice can be done, but is not recomenned, and really should not be attempted. Too much can go wrong. You will also see several decal companies stipulating NOT to paint any clear coats over their decals or stripes.

Greg. Smile


I agree with above. Also, my friend, who is an experienced +30 years in the auto body business, always talks about the chemical bonding of the color and clear coat. When you see vehicles with the clear coat coming off, this due to different vendor products and or different chemical make up that craps out the adhesion properties. It is highly recommended to purchase both color and clear coat fro the same manufacture.

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow
Mine have been cleared or at least the trunk and side decals have. The stripes are painted. But if you want to look original don't do it. If you are like me and have built you car for your enjoyment  it can be done. My car has been painted about 7/8 years now with no issues what so ever. The biggest issue I have is people want to rub on them to try to feel the stripes. But like I said my car is no where near original nor will it ever be. This car was built to be beat on and driven hard. Trust me it has had both done to it.

Quick edit: The painter did have to redo one fender due to the Mach 1 not being as straight as I wanted them to be.

[Image: P2170004.jpg]

[Image: P3010010.jpg]

[Image: P2170005.jpg]

[Image: parkway.jpg]
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