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Cleaning Paint off of Dash Bezels
Picked up a decent center guage cluster at a swap meet here in KC.  My original is broken.  Looks like it has some black overspray on the chrome looking trim lines on the front.  

1) if I clean the paint off of it with laquer thinner, will the "chrome" come off too?
2) Does anyone sell the woodgrain applique for the center guage pod. or is everyone going re-pop and scrapping the original bezels?

Chrome will definitely come off using lacquer thinner. Does not take much to remove the chrome in the case of any aggressive cleaner.

Looks like NPD offers woodgrain for non-gauge only. https://www.npdlink.com/product/woodgrai...44660/4943
I would do a test on the back side of the piece. I use Lacquer thinner to clean console parts and I think dash and console are both ABS plastic. Acetone will melt ABS that is what I use to make up filler for fixing consoles. I take a busted up grill sand the pieces and take the dust and mix with Acetone and make a paste to fill in bad places. When I paint a console the last thing I do is wash with lacquer thinner.
Like I say do a test on the back side of the panel to see the affect.
The lens on instruments or lens of like side marker lights will melt with Lacquer thinner but I think ABS is safe.
I use lacquer thinner to clean my seats and door panels for years with not hardening issues. Always do a test sample.

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If the lacquer thinner attacks the chrome and plastic try brake fluid. It removes paint but doesn't bother most plastics.

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Not sure if this chrome effect spray product is any good. Maybe someone has tried it and had good results or bad


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