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Classic Auto Air
Has anyone here had any experience with installing a Classic Auto Air system in their car? If so, what is the review and post pics if possible. 

(08-31-2018, 04:14 AM)CobraJet351 Wrote: Has anyone here had any experience with installing a Classic Auto Air system in their car? If so, what is the review and post pics if possible. 

I Installed a classic auto air system in my 73 vert over the winter. My car was originally factory air but nothing was working and the compressor was locked up. I replaced all factory stuff with their system which was noted to be for a factory air 351C.  I wanted to get rid of all the vacuum control stuff. I knew nothing about A/C systems and found their directions to be a little incomplete for a total novice but managed to get it done. I have to say it works perfectly. The compressor bracket mounts to the driver side head and includes some spacers that I thought were designed to align the compressor pulley with my original A/C pulley on the crank. It does not! According to them, the compressor is supposed to run off of the alternator pulleys. I am not happy with having to use the alternator as a belt tensioner.  They also don't give you a recommended belt length/width which and left it up to me to experiment. As a result of this arraignment, I occasionally have some belt squeal when starting off from red lights.

I had watched install videos of their systems on other year mustangs and those kits included extra pulleys just for the A/C. I also talked to their division that supplies OE replacement parts/systems and they told me that they offered a bracket to attach the upgraded compressor to the factory A/C bracket which would have used the original tensioner and crank pulley.

Overall, I am satisfied with the system and the compressor mounting to the front of the head instead of the factory location really cleans up the engine bay.  I have considered modifying the bracket to align with my A/C crank pulley, but until it ruins the alternator I'll leave it as is. I'll try to post some pics later.
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I have it too on my 73 and am satisfied. I don't remember having to specifically ask about the bracket to use the factory tensioner though, it was just included in mine from what I remember. I too had a factory air system I replaced, however mine had been converted to a sanden type compressor before I started with Factory Air. I thought they had different order codes for cars with or without factory air.

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When I was looking for a replacement for my factory air system I ended up going with Old Auto Air
Their kit has the Sanden type compressor which fits fine
They also supplied the bits necessary to utilize my original A/C control
Only down sides are you lose the fresh air vents but can live with this and some of the dash vent adapters were slightly wrong size
Pretty compact evaporator housing and with mine being RHD had to modify the mounting plus it sits a little low to the floor but luckily the wife has short legs and little feet
Interesting. Mine is in Australia also but LHD. It’s a shell at the moment and not factory AC. Did you guys use the D.E.R with the classic auto air or the factory controls? Can you post up some pics?
I used factory controls, and they supply an electronic adapter to connect to the factory cables. I'm not near my car right now sorry no picsSad

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Mine was a non-A/C car and my heater system was junk, so I went with Classic Auto Air. Installation was straight-forward and very simple... of course, I had the entire car torn apart, so no dashboard, hood, or windshield to contend with for me (at the time).

My only complaint is that they didn't offer any kind of idler arm pulley with their set-up - instructions and a picture on their website said to get a longer belt for the power steering circuit.  Yeah... no way.

I've been racking my brain for a few years now trying to figure out how to overcome this with my air compressor in-place but not belted up yet.  I was looking through some old inspirational pics and found this one, with a very simply approach to adapting the idler arm requirements to the Sanden compressor set-up they offer.  A simple piece of bar stock to mate up the Sanden compressor to the factory-style A/C - idler pulley mount.  I'm working on getting that installed in the next few weeks, after scoring a factory A/C bracket (with idler pulley) to add to my 3-groove crank pulley (stock for A/C cars with power steering).

These pics came from Mustang Monthly - sometime in spring 2010.



Hopefully, I'll have some similar pics of my own to add soon.


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When I spoke to a Classic Air guy in Texas (the OEM team), he stated that they have all the necessary brackets to adapt the Sanden Compressor to the original Ford compressor brackets, allowing you to use the A/C pulley grove and tensioners instead of using the P/S pump grove and belt to spin the A/C compressor. This setup included the bracket to connect the Sanden to the original top A/C bracket as Eric described. The one bracket not available from Classic Air was the adapter bracket for mounting the P/S fluid cooler that wrapped around the OEM compressor. That you would have to make yourself.

My disclaimer here is I have not bought and installed the setup yet. My suggestion would be to talk directly with the guys in Texas and not the Classic Air guys in Florida or a reseller before you buy.

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Yeah, I looked through all of their brackets, and they didn't have anything at the time... maybe they have something now.

Which... I just now checked, and here it is (I must've been looking in the wrong place - this was found in the Original Air Parts section).  Got one on the way.


[Image: 0019266_fordmercury-sanden-idler-adapter-kit.jpeg]

Mine being a non-A/C car, I ordered a Perfect Fit system, which had everything but the idler pulley. I suppose if I had looked through the rest of the site (as in, the Original Air part - with the pieces/parts to adapt their new stuff to old stuff) my story might've been different, although I would've still needed to score a factory set of A/C brackets to make it work. I think this piece, along with a new belt, is pretty much the last of what I need to have the A/C up and running.


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