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Chrome paint
I know this subject comes up every now and then, what to use for the chrome trim around the instruments and switches. Has any one tried this chrome pen and brush-on chrome from Krylon?

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Reviews on Amazon look pretty good. I just bought then so we'll see.
it would be nice to see if its a Chrome like finish (reflective), or just a bright silver

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If you search the site for "chrome paint" there have been many posts - usually related to refinishing the brightwork along the circular dash bezels and dash trim. I have seen folks use this type paint on some jeeps. From 10 ft or greater it looks pretty good. -Not so great up close. All feedback I have read encourages dash trim replacement with new repops. 72Hcode has some great posts on this subject. Don at Ohio Mustang Supply (OMS) would be my preferred source.


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