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Choosing a Convertible for my Mom
I have found these two cars.  I am wanting to know if the car without stripes would have actually come with a 4V 351C...or if it is likely a 2V engine just had a sticker swap.  The 4V car does have the tach dash.

Looking at both cars from the online adds, which would you go with.  Budget is 30K.  

One appears to be basically done and the cheaper one may need some things like a new top, rear leaf springs and some general maintenance.  I think I also see some rust in places.  It leaves 10K to play with.

Car number 1 28K


[Image: Silver-Stripe-1971-ford-mustang-std.jpg]

Car number 2 18K


[Image: Plain-Red-71-Convertible.jpg]
IMO, the 71' M code is the more interesting ride. The description appears straightforward. M-code with air would be fun ride. The extra 10K can take care of quite a few items.
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do you see anything bad from the couple of photos? i see a bit of rust bubbling on the bottom of the rear fenders. H bad would you think it could be on this car?
IMO the 28k is way overpriced.

Save the 10k on the price as you can customized it more to your liking.

[/url][Image: mbpsrsig3_zps456db2cb.png]

Car number 2 without doubt. Offer less than the asking. Chuck
wow. $30k for a 71-73 351 is a ton of money. its a price we would all love to see for these cars, but is not a price I believe to reflect the general market.
28k - LOL. Nutso money for a plain 2V convertible with some really bad paintwork.

18K - too late - listing is gone.

(09-23-2019, 11:40 AM)Hemikiller Wrote: 28k - LOL.  Nutso money for a plain 2V convertible with some really bad paintwork.

18K - too late - listing is gone.
What would be a good price for the car listed for 28k?
Still considering car number 1. Mom can be down 40HP for her intended purposes with the car. Question, what's the main difference between the C6 transmission and the FMX transmission?
my mom wanted a convertible a few years ago, I got her an A4 vert....
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