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Choose your mechanic wisely...
...if you are not going to do the work yourself.

The nature of our cars being as old and sometimes fragile as they can be at times calls for a mechanic with a unique set of gentle "zen" skills. Many typical work-a-day mechanics do not have this mindset and are sometimes too gung-ho to start ripping into stuff and jerking off parts, clips, fasteners and such. It takes a deft pair of hands and some monk-like patience to slowly work through some repairs on our old buggies. Brittle parts adjacent to the part being worked on can easily be damaged beyond use, and if the replacement is made of unobtanium...you're screwed until you can find a replacement.
Working on interior components requires an extra dollop of care and a gentle touch, as 40+ year old plastic is like working around a car made of egg shells and stale toast. Get a little overzealous and important stuff can crumble to pieces before you know it.

If you let someone else work on your car, make sure they have the same mindset as you.
Very good advice Kit, and very true indeed.


Parts houses have the same issues. Once they here the year most have mind set issues like you kidding. 40+ year old car and wow the computer says yes. Never get everything correct the 1st visit.

Alan L

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Alan L
Kit, very good point.

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