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Chevelle, Corvette cloners busted, charged with felonies
Interesting story about VIN fraud on the Hemmings Motor News website.


Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06

[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

Wow, you must do your homework before buying any car.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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Nothing worse in my book than a THIEF. I would rather have you ask and if I could I would give it to you before someone had to steal from me.
There is always a crook finding a way to make his buck!

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
In Australia, they are cracking down too, and people are being made to pay! This couple have to pay even though they didn't know it was fake (or so they claim) when they sold it. Australia is a little tougher, but I hope Mr Ellis is made to pay too:

Nothing is safe from money hungry crooks
2nd Amendment Big Grin

67 Diamond Blue Vert

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRveIaRU6OAzTfd2Mv6ypG...mJJrHJ_B_Q]


LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
good thing nobody bothers to clone our cars....they'd rather make kits so people can make clones of a riced out 67 from a remake

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