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Change instrument cluster (with tachometer)
I bought a instrument cluster with tachometer and wanted to replace the normal one (without tachometer) against the other one. But when comparing I saw that the connector plug is another. Does an adapter exist of 18 pins to 12 pins? Or is there an original connector plug of 12 pins to buy? I've seen a manual in which you transform an 18 pin to 12 pin, but I don't want to destroy my original 18 pin.
Apart from that, I would solder the cable directly to the circulate board and build it with another 12 pin plug to the wire harness.
Did someone ever had the same problem and an other solution for this?

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oh boy...the underdash harness is completely different for a standard dash and a tach dash. With the tach dash, you get the 3 gauge cluster in the center console. The wiring pins for the two dash clusters are very different, so it is not an easy swap at all. You need to get a tach-compatible underdash harness as well as the headlight harness to ensure that everything works as intended. There are some vendors (*ahem*) that perform this conversion, but I won't mention names.

Congrats on finding the tach dash cluster, as that is the most expensive piece to convert from standard to tach.

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This was recently discussed in another thread

You can also download your wiring circuit diagram under the Mustang Data tab at the upper right of this page.

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Like Midlife says each harness is unique.
I had to have a tach harness, air, convenience group, vert, AM/FM took me a year to locate one that had not been hacked. It was $180 for everything from headlights back.
I think I have one for a 71 M code do not know how complete it is. If I happen to stumble on it I will look. Too many bins.

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