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Center of balance on a rotisserie
I built my own rotisserie and put my 73 Mach 1 on it. Now I'm trying to get the center of gravity right. Do the rotating points have to be at the same height? I can adjust the mounting points up and down obviously the front is lighter than the rear would the adjustment on the front be higher than the back?[Image: d26006fb1fd1211878dc18d48119ffba.jpg]
Any help would be appreciated.

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The height difference front/back is not as important as putting the pivot points centered on the car's axis of rotation (center of mass) front and back correctly. In other words, the pivot points need to be up/down, right/left relative to the car correctly. Once that is done, moving the front/back pivot points up or down relative to the ground is not as important.

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I put the rear dead center of the rear bumper location. The front pivot I put that 8 inches down from the top of the radiator support. That's with the front suspension on.
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