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Center Gauges
On the subject of radios, Mine is a totally rebuilt 73 AM/FM Mustang radio. I guess between buying it (got ripped off!!) and having it professionally rebuilt, I have $500 in it.
BUT I hardly listen to it, prefer the sound of my exhaust!!!

I learn something new every day!
I ain't gonna lie - since I don't have my subs installed yet, I don't listen to the radio all that much.  The volume is low, windows are down, and it's only driven on nice days), which means I'm listening to my exhaust a lot more than anything else as well.

When (if) I ever finally get the subs installed, I'll make sure the stereo is adjusted properly and might actually enjoy it a little more.  Until then, and considering that I have a full-on system in my daily driver Ram truck (along with A/C and windows that roll-up and down), that 'basic' Retrosound stereo in the Mustang is actually quite unimpressive... especially, when competing with the windows always being down and the sound of the exhaust.   whistling


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