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Center Gage Bezel
Bad day in the garage today.

I pulled the original 3-gage cluster and center stack bezel assembly from my basement storage. I planned on bolting it in and using the original.

Back in College an ass-wipe broke into the car to steal the radio. They cracked the side of the main bezel to the drivers side of the radio hole. That part is mendable as the crack closes very cleanly.

So the problem is a white discoloration all over the AC vents and the top of the bezel. It is smooth and random and will not wash off.

So here is the dilemma. To use the original I would need to abrasively remove the white(wet sand), then repaint all the black. 2) Find a source for a new woodgrain decal and replace that, deal with broken mounts and aged bright work. 3) Pray that it looks decent.

What do you guys have for me?
1) A great deal on a nice original black unit?
2) A great deal on a reproduction unit?
3) A link to a great restoration vendor?

The repop units are just fine. I had originally planned on restoring all the plastic trim on my dash, but caved and bought all new pieces from Ohio Mustang. Best move ever.


Getting a good one used is getting harder to get cheaply without their own issues. I know the one in my car had both of the A/C vent mounting dogs broken off, which is one reason I just decided to get a new one.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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