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Center Dash Gauges and Radio Bezel refurb
After seeing many others install center gauges I decided why not try it so received a new center bezel from Don @OMS and bought some VDO gauges from fleabay for about $180. Next step was to see how I was going to fit them seeing as OEM bezel has oval holes I would need to modify the new bezel to get them to fit. One problem I considered is since my vehicle is RHD if I recessed the gauges like the factory set up I would have trouble reading them so the best option was to install them on the outside of the bezel plus I'm not trying to make it look original just tidy and readable.
First step was to fire up the Dremel with a sanding bit and grind away the left/right edges a bit at a time until the gauge started to fit. Was surprised at how easy it was and the gauge fits easily with a plastic nut to hold it on the back.
All three gauges are mounted with the plastic nuts
Front view doesn't look to bad for a 15 minute job
Next I decided to refurbish the radio bezel as the old paint was flaking off so first step was to remove it with paint stripper
Paint all gone just shiny chrome now so will have to sand/scuff areas to be repainted and mask it up using a razor blade for the fine bits
First gave it a few light coats of black etch primer then a few coats of matt black then once I removed the masking tape realized I had taped over the section above the radio so not wanting to mask it all again I had a rare brainstorm and took the mustang badge off the old center bezel cut the horse off and glued it into place, doesn't look too bad
Below is both items done and although not entirely factory looking it will do the job

.jpg   P1030063.jpg (Size: 69.33 KB / Downloads: 253)
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Looks fantastic!
^ +1

That looks super.

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That turned out AWESOME!  Nice job!! thumb


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Nice Job. Looks great.

John J
Thanks for the feedback
Now just got to start putting the dash together and once I get my new classic radio will have to make some brackets as mine missing altogether
Also no map lamp or delete plate so as they are hard to come by will try to make my own delete plate
Nice work, looks great!
What is the grey that you used? Paint? Gives a nice texture.

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I like what you decided to do. Being right H/D, would change things from what I did. No doubt you saw my thread on upgrading a set of factory gauges.
If I were to do it again, some of your ideas actually make more sense. I issue I found was that, mounting the gauges from behind and still keeping the bezel rings on, caused a gap that is not really seen, but still there. I could have sacrificed the original pod and mounted the gauges in that rather than making my own bracket, but I wanted to keep that intact. My result is satisfactory, but in hind sight, I could have done it a little different. Mounting the gauges through the holes might have been a far better solution, but again I wanted to keep the center console intact as it was an original, which I doubt will ever be put back as it was.
I guess it's called R&D for a reason!!
Well done,
(05-26-2018, 09:02 PM)OzCoupe72 Wrote: Thanks for the feedback
Now just got to start putting the dash together and once I get my new classic radio will have to make some brackets as mine missing altogether
Also no map lamp or delete plate so as they are hard to come by will try to make my own delete plate

Hey that turned out excellent - nice job
I don't have any map lights at this time but do have a couple of block off plates
Looks great those details make a car pop.
Too late to help you but I have a tip on making the thin strips of masking tape for the chrome areas. I rework consoles and dash pieces. I use a rotary scissor like they use to cut cloth. I also have one of the cutting boards made to use the scissors on. You can make tape any width you need and not worry about buying a roll of pin stripe tape or having to cut with a razor blade.

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