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Carpenter Hood to Cowl Seal
Hi All!
I bought a hood to cowl seal a while ago (made by Carpenter) the time has come to install that seal. But when I unpacked it I realized that there are no holes to put the clips in. WTH! I'm really getting annoyed by all this aftermarket crap!
When I visited the Carpenter facility in April I talked with Daniel about parts not working. He said he had not heard anything. Maybe you should contact him direct. They do not sell to public except at their shows and shop on special times.
I told him that the from grill trim clips I got from Don do not work either. They are too small and you have to bend the trim with pliers to make them stay in place. He said he had not heard that issue and wrote it down and said he would check.
Carpenter is better than most the do make their rubber parts and have the extrude machines in Charlotte and use a better material than original. Tough to put the holes in seems like they are elongated also.
I would try to email them on their web site.
I used their A post seals on my 73 vert and they fit and matched perfect with no issues. I have also used their door and quarter glass end seals and fit perfect.
Also the tail light gaskets work much better than Ford original. I have NOS Ford and did not use put the Carpenter in.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
I used a small soldering iron and just burnt a hole in the rubber. The hole does not need to be oblong, just a round hole and you can stretch the rubber to install the tee type clips.
Thanks, Jay
I just Installed them on my 71 and 72 not hard to do.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
No! NO! It's NOT A T5!!!  Haha
The cowl seal is a stock standard off the shelf type of weatherstrip. It's most likely bought in bulk rolls of 1000ft or better and cut to length. Self punching the holes adds maybe ten minutes to the installation, if they had to punch the holes for you, the cost would probably be triple.

That said, I've used a bunch of Carpenter parts on my 71 and they were all good to excellent.

I prefer Carpenter over Drake any day! Thanks for all your input guys! Good Day!!!
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