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Caribbean Vacation
Hi, was wanting to go to an all inclusive resort this winter and would like some recommendations of which resorts and locations would be good to visit

Sandals Grand in St. Lucia was very nice. Wife and I went about 6 years ago. I do not think it was affected by the recent hurricanes.

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I just got back from Belize. Stayed out on Ambergris Caye, just north of San Pedro. Was absolutely beautiful. My company owns a couple of condos down there. I'm not sure there is much for all inclusive down there though.

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- Jason

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Isle Mujeres at Privilege Aluxes and rent a golf cart and drive around the island
I am one of those that does not follow the herd. Me and gal friend flew to Nassau, which I thought was very nasty, except right inside the expensive resorts. We had to stay couple days then got flight to Cuba. Cuba was beautiful but I do not like doing the same as others. We stayed in like B&B for $25.00 a night. It is not legal for U.S. citizens to go there but they do not stamp your passport when you enter with American passport, lol.
We stayed over two weeks in Havana, Hershey, Matanza and the other main city escapes me now. When riding the train from Hershey to Matanza the conductor came around selling tickets and he thought we were from Canada. Cuba is the most popular Canadian vacation spot I have heard from other Canadians. When he found out we were Americans he got excited. We were the first Americans to ride his train in 18 years he had been the conductor. We stayed with his brother in law several days. We took him to eat at a hotel near his brother in laws it was his first time to ever eat out and he had two beers, lol. Making $25.00 a month does not get you very much. Medical Dr. gets $40 a month and tobacco farmer is highest paid at $45 a month.
I talked with a diver at the airport and he was from Florida he said he found two corals that were thought to be extinct due to pollution but not much pollution in Cuba no industry.
Just a suggestion. You might be one that just sits by pool and has little umbrella drinks, lol.
Oh if you do go make sure all you US cash is clean not corners missing and not even a mark on them or they will not exchange at the bank. You do have to exchange at bank cannot use US currency anywhere. They have two currencies in Cuba one for locals and one for visitors. You should get both because some places you can get like .25 cent drinks. Their rum is fantastic of course. Google info it was a blast. The old cars have whatever they can find in them a 57 chevy convertible might have a toyota steering column. If I go back will take some old emblems and swap for big money there, lol. You could take a car from here to there and make a profit. I did find some high end cars there but you cannot get them out of country. V-16 Cadillac a 1907 Cadillac. I showed pictures to a collector here and he said he would give $100,000 for the 07.

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