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Carburator question

I have the following problem and realy don't know jow to solve it.
My 351CJ has an Edelbrock manifold and carb.
When i park the car for a couple of days an try to start in again it won't start.
When i pour gasoline directly in the carb it starts right up and keeps running fine.
Short stops are never a problem , car will always start right away.
I think when i park the car for a few days , somehow the carb looses it's gasoline and the gasoline ends up in the fueltank.

Is there something wrong with my Edelbrock carb ??
Or how can i solve this problem ??


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There's really no way that the fuel could siphon back to the fuel tank.
Because of the way that Edelbrocks are designed they won't leak into or onto the engine like Holleys do with a blown power valve or leaking accelerator pump.
How long have you had the carb? Did this just start, if you've had it for some time? A possibility is a porosity that is allowing fuel to leak into the intake manifold.

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sounds like too me you got a weak fuel pump that mite be getting ready to go.....and it does well once its primed...But need a kick too get it going once it sets for a few days....I had a old blue ford truck do that to me...And one day it lost prime totaly and wouldnt pump back up...I pulled the fuel pump out and i could wiggin the piston up and down..lol..It had no pressure or seals left in it pretty much.
My carter does the same thing, espically in summer. What I think happens is the vents in the top of the carb allow the gas to evaporate out of the bowls after a few days so when you goto start it again they have to refill before fuel can go through the carbs idle circuit. I usually only have to crank it a couple times before it'll startup if it has sat more the 3 or 4 days.
plus one on the fuel pump being close to failure.

An engine will run with a almost completely shot fuel pump by siphoning fuel- It will not however start pumping once the siphon is broken.

Check the fuel filter and pull and check the fuel line and you can put a pressure gauge on it and see what it does while cranking.

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I would also check the accelerator pump. If its not working correctly it would cause this problem. Simply remove the air filter and kick the throttle a couple of times. You should see gas squirting into the venturi's if you dont see it squirting it could be the diaphram in the accelerator pump is bad! Easy to replace!

Edit: I see you said its an edelbrock carb, I think thier based off the old Caters so unlike the motorcrafts and holley which the acc punps are external the edelbrock acc. pump is internal still works the same way but a little harder to replacw

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1. Just a caution...You shouldn't need more than a teaspoon of gas to get the car started. Raw gas into your cylinders is a good way to do some scoring.


2. Look into the carb and see if you gently pump the throttle do you get fuel. If so, then you have operator error in regards to starting.

3. If you do not see fuel, you can remove the fuel line at the fuel pump. It should be FULL of fuel. If not, and fuel is not leaking, perhaps....

WARM CAR, not hot...

4. Once you get the car running, warm but not HOT, shut off the car, and look into the carb. When GENTLY pumping the throttle you should see fuel. If not, I would suspect the accelerator pump.

5. (Long shot...) Do you have a vented gas cap? This could create a vacuum in the tank and suck the gas back into the tank when the car is sitting. Next time after a nice long drive and you have shut your pony down, remove the gas cap and then replace it. See if you can start it in a couple of days.

6. Do you have a choke?

I hate to tell someone how to start their pony(really...well except for Q), but if you DO see fuel in the carb after the car has been sitting for a couple of days, what is your start up procedure? Typically one pump to squirt fuel and set the choke should do it.

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an electric fuel pump will solve the priming issue, instant fuel, fully primed every time, just flick the on switch and your away....
Carter make a good pump for street use, which does not need a regulator..
Sounds like a choke issue. I would check your choke position when you first crank it over. Maybe adjust it back to open a little more. Also, lube up all your linkage on around the choke and throttle body base. A little bit of white lithium works will keep it lubed for ever.
Before you crank it are you giving it any gas? If not, may want to try putting your foot all the way to the floor one time then letting off. Give it a crank and see if it liked it. May just need to get a little pump shot before you crank it.

Wow - it looks like you have a couple of different things to try. I would be suspect of the fuel pump losing syphon. My Jeep had the same exact issues with starting as you describe - the fuel pump solved that part of it.

But then I was having problems with the carb itself - if I even breathed on the gas pedal while cranking, it would flood and I'd never get it started. After a rebuild and adjustments, it ran like a champ. The choke was way out of where it needed to be, and the float was off as well (it was a stock Jeep Carter AFB 1bbl - easy enough to rebuild... but it never lasted more than 6 months).

So I would change the fuel pump, then check the settings on your carb (starting with the choke). If the choke is engaging while the 'cold' temp is over 70 degrees, I'd adjust that out of there. I'm not sure what the breakover point is to 'need' choking during a cold start, but in my experience with a 'cold-natured' 32-yr-old Jeep, choking anything over 70 just means a dead battery from all the cranking and not starting.


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