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Carb spacer with "holes" with a single plane intake?
When I bought my '73 Mach-1, it came with a 4v Cleveland with a mild cam and a victor single plane intake. Way more intake than that car needs. I would eventually like to get an Air Gap but funds are a bit short. I saw these carb spacers with the four individual holes in them. It says it's suppose to help with the bottom end (torque). Since you can never trust the "ad", I was wondering if anyone here has ever used them and what was your impression?
Single plane intakes love 4 hole spacers to help the bottom end. I have had great luck using 4 hole spacers on single plane intakes

SINCE 1964

Perfect. Since it would be impractical for me to try a number of them, is there a certain height or thickness of the spacer I should look at? Is one brand better than another? Which ones have you used?

Will the spacer affect the tune? (Will I then have to readjust the carb?)
Well if you have a stock height hood, that limits your height selection. I loved my 2 inch spacer on my torker intake, but 1 inch would have worked too. I have never tried aluminum or wood spacers as well, only plastic. You will most likely have to jet up just a little. Spacers react different to every motor, it's a gamble to see whats best. I'm going to be testing a hvh supersucker and a Wilson this year at the track.

SINCE 1964

I am using 2" open phenolic spacer with victor jr. single plane and it works good, has not dynoed though. I have a Dominator waiting to be installed, I'll use with vic jr. 1" power cone from Jomar and 1" open scaper under it. It seems to work good on flow bench at least...

Check this out:


[Image: spacertest.jpg]
Put a 1" 4 hole phelonic spacer on there, you will notice it.

351w - Ford racing GT40X 178 cc aluminum heads - Ford racing(crane) 1.7 roller rockers - Comp Cams 280H magnum cam .544" / .544" lift - ARP fasteners - hedman longtubes - magnaflow exhaust with X pipe -  MSD digital 6al box - MSD coil - optima red top battery - tuff stuff 140 amp alternator - ported weiand stealth intake  - edelbrock 1406 600 carb  - edelbrock rpm fuel pump - march pullies and brackets - Be cool fan controller - derale electric fan - FMX trans - motive 3.50 gears - traction lok - competition engineering subframe connectors - lakewood traction bars.                                            

spacers make the runners effectively "longer" increasing torque (to a point) whether open or 4 hole design. On a dual plane intake I would only use an open spacer. on a single plane either will work, but the 4 hole spacer will give a stronger vacuum signal to the circuits in the carburetor. The 4 hole spacer is more likely to cause the carburetor to need recalibration than the open spacer in my limited experience. If the air gap is a dual plane (which I think it is, but I haven't looked at it) you might save some money by going to the open spacer and being able to reuse it.

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Super sucker if you can swing it... dyno proven ponies.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
Got $20 bucks, and some shipping?

OEM 4v Intake

what all of the above said..

i use a Torker II intake with and 4-hole Wilson tapered spacer, helps a lot with low end torque..

'72 Mustang , well, its black???
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