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Carb issue
on a 1970 302, 2V, the bottom plates are frozen, ( Throttle?) I sprayed PB blaster in and out and poured some marvel mystery but she will not budge. Is this fixable or need new carb?. I have been tapping the linkage with a hammer for an hr. no luck
Soak it really well with some PB Blaster and let it sit for a while. Repeat a couple times. I'd also take the carb off, flip it upside down and saturate the throttle shaft with PB. Patience is key here. If you force it, the carb will become a core.

Thank you
I pulled it off, lubed it up for few hrs and it moves now!
Still a bit stiff so working the PB in . I took it apart and cleaned out everything..Wee stall see!
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