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Car will not start and im running out of ideas
Ok so my 72 302 all of a sudden doesnt want to start. I took it out the garage and washed it and warmed it up. Turned it on and off 3 more times and on the 3rd time, didnt want to start!. It didnt cranked over it just buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So i changed out the solenoid. Went for the start up and it cranked over and almost would of started but it was a cold start and i didnt gas it. So i went for another start up. BBBBUUUUUUZZZZZZZ. Great. I put my hand on the solenoid and i felt it buzzing, put hand on coil and nothing (i dont know if youre suppose to feel something) I then disconnected the wire from the ignition coil to the distributor, and no spark. So its either the coil, starter, or battery. Right now im charging the battery. But if it isnt the battery what can it most likely be?? I dont want to go to the trouble of replacing the starter. so i hope its not that

1972 Satin Black Coupe, turns better than average, goes vroom with 303 RWHP.
ok nevermind i figured it out. for some reason my battery just died.

1972 Satin Black Coupe, turns better than average, goes vroom with 303 RWHP.
Been there...done that.
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