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Car dies when I let go of key
Ii just dropped a new engine in my 73 mustang, it ran fine last night but today soon as I let go of my key my engine dies. Also now my key is stuck, any ideas?
Do you mean the car dies when you release the key from the crank position and it goes to the run position? If so, check your connection to the starter motor and then your voltage at the coil wire with that wire removed and key in RUN.

With an inability to remove the key, I'd more likely suspect the ignition switch may be the cause of all of your problems.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
So  Midlife is our go to electrical guru that keeps us all out of shock!

I must agree with his ignition switch analogy.  The key actuator drives an actuator rod that moves the switch to position for start and ruin.  If your key will not come out it means something in the steering column is misaligned, preventing the key cylinder from returning to home and releasing the key.  

Did you do any steering column work?  I am guessing that the ignition switch located down the column is adjusted too close to the front of the car or is defective.  I just replaced mine because it was causing an electrical draw that Midlife helped me find.  No problems with mine now.  Note in the picture below how the adjustment slot is long for holding eh switch to the column.  Mine reacts well in this position, and you can see how far back it is adjusted.


[Image: 20161227_154621.jpg]
If you end up lowering the column and find that the switch is bad or not adjusted correctly, it is actually quite easy to fix. I had never done one before and got it done in about 45 minutes. I paid $40 I think for a new one. I didn't have the problem you're having though, mine was ghetto spliced and taped by the previous owner.
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