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Can't remove key...not the lock cylinder
Ignition lock cylinder will not turn all the way back to lock??

I've replaced the lock cylinder and same problem. It will turn far enough back to get the ignition out of run but won't return to lock so I can remove the key...any ideas? I'm working in a 1971 mustang.

Thanks, Roddy
The ignition lock collar and mechanism are either out of adjustment or disconnected. Just grab the ring ( the part of the column an inch or so behind the steering wheel) and turn it counter-clockwise as far as it will go...your key should be able to be turned back and removed now.
I'll be danged! Worked perfect. Collar slid about an inch and cylinder turns perfect now.


Glad it worked for ya!
The rod inside the steering column that turns that ring must have become disconbected. It rotates clockwise once the gear selector on an automatic transmission is put into any gear. This prevents the key from being removed while the car is in motion, which would lock the steering wheel and prevent steering a moving vehicle. The steering column can only be locked and the key turned back if the gear selector is in park.

Manual transmissions had a lock rod hooked to the shifter assembly that only allowed the key to be turned all the way back if the trans was in reverse. On my 72 4-speed it annoyed me for some reason to have to put it into reverse to get the key out, so I disconnected the rod. Funny, now I can't quite remember why it annoyed me so much.
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