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Can I powerwash the block while on the stand?
So now the engine on the stand. Can I push it outside and powerwash the crap out of it before I start tearing it apart? It's got tons of sludge both inside the area where the push rods go and on the outside of the block. Can I spray engine degreaser inside the area where the lifters are and then blast away?



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I think thats a good idea. I powerwash my block ,too. After perfect cleaning i coat it with WD 40 , and put the block in a big plastic bag when i dont work on the engine .For rust protection.

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Sure you can, just make sure you disassemble it right away so rust does not start. Try using Castrol Super Clean for a degreaser, it works real nice.

How far are you going into it? If you are doing a full rebuild just have the block hot tanked to clean it. To fully clean the block knock the freeze plugs out and remove the oil galley plugs to clean the internal passages.

Jeff T.

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If your are taking the block and heads to a machine shop then dont bother as stated. Just take it apart and take them the dirty parts, they always clean them up for you.

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Way to go Doc. Trying to get mine back out of the boxes now. Got everything needed if I can find everything. Hoping to drive by MOTHERS DAY....NOT lolTongue

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Alan L
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