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can anyone help I d these 4 speed pedals
I have two pedal setups and I'm not sure what the difference is here. To the eye the black pedal set in the right has a stud on it to mount column to. This set came out of a 71 cougar. The set on the left came in a box with my 72 q code 4 speed car. I'm guessing it is original to the car. I was Goin to use the black cougar ones with the cougar column because it was a little nicer. I searched online and see both sets of pedals being sold as mach 1 pedals. Will either one work or us each set column specific?

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Is the steering column different between the Cougar and your Q-code?

I never seen if a tilt column has a different mounting, all of the pedal assemblies I've messed with look like the left side (I think!)....
Yes the steering column for the mustang has the four mounting tabs. The one in the cougar has three tabs.

Both are non tilt
I just removed the non tilt column from my '71 4 speed car.
It has 3 bolt holes. The tilt column that will replace it is from an unknown car of unknown vintage. It also has the same 3 bolt mount.

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im guessing I should stick with the pedals that were with the car. ill just have to clean them up I guess
Good call !!!
What are you going to do with the extra pedals? PM me if you want to get rid of them.

I am just here to eat my lunch and screw stuff up!!!!!Haha
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