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Can’t ID This Alternator & Steering Pump
Took these off a running 71 Mustang. I’ve tried searching but found limited info.

What is the correct application for this alternator and water pump? Are they worth anything?

I pretty much can’t read the numbers on the top of the alternator.


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isn't that a power steering pump?
Yes, I should clarify. I’d like to know the model and year of their application.

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i have the same pump on my '73. but is there a problem with one and u'd like to keep orig or just do an ID of it ??
Pump looks like a pre-71 Mustang/Cougar application with the way the return tube is bent down. Early cars had the divorced power assist and the hoses went down from the pump. The alternator might still have an ID stamp by the pivot bolt.

I agree, the PS pump appears to be from an earlier model.

Chances are the alternator is a rebuilt one. They media blast and/or tumble them to clean them, pretty much removing markings. It does appear to be period correct, though.

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Thanks everyone, I just wanted to ID it. If anyone is interested in these items I’m just asking actual shipping cost which should be about $15 by USPS priority mail.

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