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C6 to a AOD
I’m sure this has been discussed but I must be a idiot because I’m not finding what I’m looking for so I’m sorry
I’ll be running a 429. Well 429 block. I have a c6 now but I’d like to make it a AOD I’ve seen the gearvendors. Just trying not to add extra weight. Thought about the 4r70w. Any thoughts. Do I need a adapter? And what mods are needed.

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Yes, you will need an adapter to use a 4R70W with a 429 engine. You'll also need to have one built to handle the torque and horsepower of the 429, you'll need an electronic transmission controller, driveshaft built to correct length, build or buy a transmission crossmember, and adapt the transmission manual linkage. You'll also want a 9-inch differential if you don't already have one. You can also search the forum for an AODE transmission, they are essentially the same, you might pick up some hits then.

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Thanks don

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