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C6 neutral safety switch wiring -
Hey guys,
Got a '72 Coupe project car - 351 and C6 (driven by a little old lady?)
Problem with the neutral safety switch.
The neutral safety switch has 2 wiring plugs (6 wires).
The first plug has 4 wires going to the rear of the switch - neutral, park, reverse and switch wire. I have bypassed the switch (red/blues wires) to get the motor running.
The other plug has 2 wires going to the front of the switch. Does anyone know what these 2 wires do? where do they go? can they be bypassed or left unplugged?
Can I just replace the switch with a 4 wire C4/C6 neutral switch ?
The wiring diagram I have is not very helpful, nor is my workshop repair manual.
Any help is much appreciated.
.... jman
I believe that would be for the back up lamps, connector # C-20. I do not know about using a different switch. I do know if the shift level is not held when attaching the arm the switch can be bent internally and stop working. With care it can be opened and repaired sometimes. Chuck
HAve you tried the diagram on here under the "DATA" tab up top right? It is a fairly solid one.
Let us know what you figure out. And drop an intro thread when you get a chance. Oh yeah, and pics! We like pics!

[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
There appears to be 3 different neutral safety switches used on Mustangs – 2 plug 4 wire, 1 plug 4 wire, and 2 plug 6 wire.

My coupe came off the production line in August 1972, so I have been trying to make sense of the 1972 wiring diagram to find out about the 6 wire 2 plug switch on my C6.

My mate just happened to look at the 1973 diagram, which is much easier to read, and the function of the 6 wires make sense!

4 wires are used for the Park/Neutral start switch, and reverse lights.
The other plug with the 2 wires is for the seat sensor/seat belt retractor/seat belt warning light and buzzer circuit.

So it appears the 6 wire 2 plug setup can be replaced with the 1 plug 4 wire safety switch – just means that the seat belt warning lights and buzzer will be inoperative.

..... jman

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