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C-4 trans dipstick tube attach location
Where does the tube bolt to the rear of the engine? The PO left it loose with nothing but the seals on the end holding it in place. I have tried to locate the attach point by putting my finger in the bracket hole and trying to feel any bolt hole on the back of the engine by moving the tube back and forth. I have used a mirror too, with no luck. Does it bolt to the block or to one of the bell housing bolts? A picture would be great.
goes to bell housing to motor bolt

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OMS;126298 Wrote:goes to bell housing to motor bolt
Would this be the bell housing bolt at about the 1 'oclock position on the housing the same bolt has a clamp for the modulator hard line on it? The PO has the tube/stand-off clamp on the wrong side of the mod hard line. No doubt he stuck it in the trans without checking the right way to install it. Whaddya think of just pulling it out of the trans, relocating it, and putting it back in the pan? If I am careful maybe the seal will be ok on the end of the tube.
The tube should have an o-ring around it. I'm not sure how high the trans fluid is when the engine is not running. It may run out of the hole.

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