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Bumper Guards...
If the chrome front bumper had the standard high mount bumper guards, you would have seen evidence of their mounting from the more preserved look under the mounting areas on the bumper surface. Since they also were mounted using clamps there would be marks from the clamps also. The low protection or valance level guards mounted using 3/8-16 "U" nuts that fastened to the upper  bumper reinforcement and to a bracket that was secured to the lower part of the radiator support. As a 71 only offering I would think they would be a little rarer and if were on the vehicle at one time may still have the original U nuts present.  
The so called Eminger report is one of the copies of the actual invoice that was sent  along with the car when delivered by Motor Convoy. It contains base price and production installed options and was how the dealer was invoiced. If it isn't on the invoice it didn't leave the assembly plant with it. Since that is an original Ford produced document, I would put more faith on it being correct than anything else being offered from anyone.
Accessories were the Cash Cow for Dealers and after marker installers then (and still is now). So a lot of Ford and after market items found their way on to our four wheel castles. If installed before sold, dealers would add a Addendum label listing items added to the vehicle since it was against federal law to alter the original or  Monroney Sticker.
The front or rear bumper guards were not an option for  71-72 (63R) Mach1's and I have never found a code for a urethane bumper delete on the 71-72 Mach1. That would have caused a package de-content which Ford usually frowned on.       
I know Ken's goal  was a 100% correct concours restoration and the bumper guard issue caused some concern. But as i posted earlier if not on the Ford invoice, it was not production installed regardless of what the Marti report states.
The Marti's on my Mach1's state they have bumper guards......never happened!   Big Grin 

[Image: bmprgrd2.jpg]
71-72 high mount which clamped to bumper

[Image: 17996.jpg]
71 only low mount with tabs for "U" nut attachment


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
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