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I have a bad rattle in the front end of my 73 mach 1 when I hit bumps. When I apply the brakes the rattle goes away. I removed my tires and there is quite a bit of play in my calipers. Not sure what direction to go in order to fix the problem. Any ideas? The brake pads are still in pretty good shape, but would changing them out help? Do I need to replace the calipers? Any info is appreciated........thanks
The anti rattle clip may be missing. Here's a thread talking about the clips.


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Here is a link to my disc brakes pics; maybe you can double check to see if your are installed right:

shouldn't have any play in the calipers, so you're in the right direction. Check all your ball joints too and look for any loose or missing bolts. Good luck!
Let us know what you find. I think it's the clip will be missing.

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thanks guys. That gets me going into the right direction. Will let you know what I find out.
Hopefully our info will help you out, keep us posted on your progress.
thanks again for all your help. Replaced the anti-rattle clips and put new sleeves around the bolts that go through the calipers and the rattle is gone.
This bunch will generally get to the root of the problem. Good job guys!! U Da Man!

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