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Brake light switch and wiring
Looking for advise on this one , maybe midlife can chime in.

On the 73 mustang (and most others) there is a green wire on the column for the brake switch , I am a bit confused as to the requirement or configuration of this. 

My questions stems from , I am fitting an EZ wiring harness to the car and have 2 wires one from the fuse box to the brake switch , the other goes from the column to the brake switch . I am trying to hook up my brake lights and indicators to work independently but am confused why or what the wire on the column is for, can I simply remove it and wire it on the brake switch instead ?

sorry if this post is confusing .
The brake light circuit runs through the turn signal switch, cancelling the brake voltage and applying the turn signal voltage to whichever side the turn signal switch is set to.

Go to the "Mustang Data" tab at the top of the page and download your wiring diagram.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Thanks for the reply , I think I am going to bypass the switch and wire the brake on its own circuit. I have tested my LED globes for both options
Ummm...on the rear light bulbs, there are two filaments. One is for running lights at night; the other is shared between the brake lights and the turn signal. The sharing is done within the turn signal switch itself, so from what I can tell, you'll either have no brake lights on the back or only turn signals (along with the running lights).

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I agree, it would require converting to a 3-light bulb system: one on each side for running lights, one each for turn signals, and one each for brake lights. It will also require running a new wire for the brake lights, from the switch to the stop light bulbs. Running through the turn signal switch is the only way to apply voltage for the brake lights, without running a new wire for the brake lights, or remove the turn signals from operation and cut and splice into the two combination brake/turn signal wires.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Ahhh ok , that makes sense now, I was loosing my nut trying to figure it out.
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