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brake light problem
This is a little strange. Turn signals work on both sides running lights work on both sides. brake lights only worked on drivers side. I am trying to trace the wiring to the other side. Is it the brown wire   or the orange light blue that is the brake light circuit ??? bulbs are good.

John J
The turn signals and brakes use the same filaments in the tail light bulbs and the same wires from the turn signal switch to the tail lights. So, if the turn signals work on buth sides the problem is in the turn signal switch, which selects what goes down the wires either brakes or turn signals.

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Focus on the orange/blue wires.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
Thanks Randy I found a bad spice on that wire from the pervious owner who had put a trailer hitch on the car. The wire had broke in half inside the connector.

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