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Brake Kit/Conversion Help
Hey CJ's,

I have a 73 convertible that needs new brakes. The car is only used for cruising (no drag racing). I'm looking at the Wilwood upgrades for the front discs and Willwood conversion kits to convert the rears from drums.

Can you recommend which kits I should buy? Right now I just have 15" steel wheels on the car, but am not opposed to upgrading wheels.
Jeff73Mach1;235476 Wrote:I added Baer Ironsports to the rear of my car. I can't find any 15" wheel that actually clears with the proper backspacing. So you wioll be looking a 16" or larger wheels. Truthfully, I wish I had just kept my rear drums. I'd like to hit the dragstrip and have the power to run well, but my tire selection is essentially 1 tire that I can run on 17's in a bias ply tire. For cruising, the drum vs discs is going to boil down to appearance and bragging rights-there is not enough of a functional difference to bother with, but if you go with a big open style wheel the appearance might matter.

Up front I added ceramic pads from EBC and drilled and slotted rotors. Works quite well on the street and is a fraction of the cost.

Thanks for the suggestions. Really what I'm looking to do is make the car safer and more reliable. Eventually I'd like to road trip / camp with the car, and the safer it is, the more comfortable my wife will be. I'll never drag race the car, so finding slicks isn't a concern.
here is what I have for your car. I guess the question would be what are you looking to spend on a kit like this? As far as the rear goes I don't have any Wilwood kits at the moment. Would you be interested in something else or do you have the time for me to see if it's something we plan to add soon or in the near future?

Here is what I have for the front with Wilwood.

Here is what I have for the rear.

Tomorrow is my last day then I'm on vacation till the 14th. If this is something you are looking to do sooner than later. I would advise talking to my top sales guys Eric, he can help you while I'm away.

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Based on what you've said, I'd suggest replacing the major components with stock parts and semi-metallic pads and shoes. The stock brakes work fine for normal use. It would be a bunch cheaper and leave money for other improvements and desires. If you know everything you need, Rock Auto can save you a significant amount of money. Let us know what you decide to do.

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