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Brake Fitting size needed
My 71 has manual Drums.  I have had hell with the stock distribution block leaking.  Ive put in 2 repair kits and it still leaks from time to time.  So I just want to junk the old original Distribution block and put in a new style aftermarket unit.  I dont know what size all the fittings are though on the stock unit.

I was hoping to avoid having to make new lines from the Master to the Proportioning valve and especially avoid having to put new fittings on the front and rear lines.

I want something like this....

[Image: 715a_I3sgvw_L_SL1500.jpg]

This is a wilwood 260-11179 .  It has 3/8-24 IF fittings.  

So any help yall can give me on the line fitting sizes would be great!
no one knows?
you can buy adapters
still need to know the size of the stock fitting.
Dont quote me on it but I think the adapter I have is 3/16 inverted flare female to 1/4" inverted flare male.
The lines on the car are stock... but this is a disk brake car. The only custom lines were the ones from the tee and the prop valve to the master cylinder.

Going with the layout I did allowed the prop valve and the tee to be mounted in the same footprint as the old combo valve.

[Image: IMG_2249.jpg]
I cant find just a distribution block for Drums, it doesnt appear anyone makes them. So I want to go with adjustable rear so I can set it all manually. I dont see any reason it won't work on Drums. I am eventually going to do 4 wheel disc, but not for some time.

Thanks for that info, that at least is a start.

Looking at that pic you posted above tells me its very likely the stock lines are 3/8-24 IF so that part will swap right over. Thats close enough for me to go ahead and buy the valve.
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