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Brake/Clutch pedal assembly
So awhile back I posted that I plan on installing a T5 transmission since my car does not have a trans in it but does have the clutch pedal assembly installed. The car was originally an automatic, I now have an FMX transmission that someone hooked me up with. If I choose to install the FMX instead of a T5, can I just remove the clutch pedal and keep the same brake pedal or do I need to change the whole assembly out? Thanks for any and all assistance.

Yes you can remove the clutch pedal and the brake pedal with work fine. You can save it in case you ever want to go back to a manual
You have 3 choices.

1  Just push the clutch pedal to the floor and the assist spring will hold it there.  ( EASY)
2 Remove the pedal, which means to need to release the assist spring. ( Not too Bad except for the spring.)
3  Change out the whole pedal box assembly.  ( Most difficult and not so easy to match all the brackets around the steering column.)

Thank you both, I really appreciate the quick replies. I went out to my parts car and was looking at it and saw that it may be a pain in the --- to trade them out. I really prefer to have the T5, but none of the salvage yards in my area have any for the 86-93 timeline and as far as I know, if I get any other years, then the shifter hole in the trans tunnel wouldn't line up. I plan to keep looking but at least I have an FMX in case I can't find one.

As KCMash noted, fix is to simply push the pedal down and tuck it under the carpet. It'll stay there due to the overcenter spring, or you could strap or ziptie it for security.

You can search your local auto yards on CarPart.com


I've seen lots of T-5 transmissions for sale that are rebuilt for around $700~$800. Unfortunately, lots of the used units are completely hammered and need to be rebuilt anyway.

Thanks for the link Hemi, looks like a great site. Will go through it an take a look.

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