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brake booster gasket?
Hi everyone, when I removed the booster, part of the plastic that looks like booster gasket broke (see pic attached). Do I need this gasket? Is it there to block off vacuum? Im trying to put booster back in & wanted to know if that's Important.

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the gasket consists of a white plastic part that fits over the 4 studs, and it allows the rubber boot to attach to it.

Do you need it? well it helps seal off the engine bay from the interior. it doesn't help maintain the seal on the vacuum booster so don't worry about that. the rubber boot just keeps things cleaner.

unfortunately this part isn't produced on the reproduction market and when you buy a re-manufactured booster they come with a generic boot installed that is different from original. functionally its the same but i noted sometimes the aftermarket boot doesn't fit in the firewall hole or can cause binding with the pedal linkage because its the wrong shape.

you can get away without it, the only to find one is from a donor car. however since all the donors are pushing 40 years old its very hard to find one in good shape.

its not super important, but its nice to have. sometimes the boot is so deteriorated that it can start to interfere with the pushrod operation and may jam the brake pedal, obviously in this case your better off without one.
ill go ahead and install it like it is.
Thanks 72hcode.
May I lift up this question again?

After purchasing a new master and brake booster kit I noticed that there are no gaskets included. When I removed the old booster I noticed the gasket between firewall and booster. Unfortunately I throw this gasket away.
Does anyone of you have a picture of that gasket or can you tell me its thickness?

My second question: Was there a gasket between brake booster and master cylinder? If so how thick was that gasket originally?

Would like to create a report about installing master cylinder and brake booster assembly.
Thanks for your help in advance.

best regard Wolfgang
I used foam weatherstrip as a "gasket" on my new booster between it and the firewall. It is about an inch thick that compresses ~75%. Worked fine.

There is no gasket between the booster and master cylinder.

the original gasket for the brake booster to fire wall is a 2 piece.

part 1 is a thin white plastic that surrounds the bolt holes and rises up with a circular lip.
part 2 is a accordion round rubber that encloses the vacuum booster push rod and seals to the lip on the white plastic. the rubber boot moves in and out with the brake pedal linkage

most replacements have the rubber accordion that seals directly to the booster body. you could make a cork or plastic or feltpro material gasket or just use some sealant so engine bay smells don't get into the car.

there was no gasket between the master and the booster. however there is a round rubber gasket that seals the outer booster push rod that goes into the master piston to the booster body, but it is part of the vacuum booster not the master. the outer push rod has an adjustable acorn nut on the end that allows for push rod length adjustment for the master cylinder piston.
Thanks for quick reply, helped me a lot

Here is a pic of the gasket that was described. I just pulled my booster off today to send away for rebuild. Nobody has cores, so you have to send one to get rebuilt.


[Image: brakeboostergasket_zpsd8aae7de.jpg]
Jeff, thanks for posting that picture.
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