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Bottom side of the hood color.
Origionally from the factory was the engine compartment side of the hood the same color of the car with clear coat?

I just don't recall sering them "glossy" our "shiny". When I had mine pained 10 years ago, my cousin never painted the under side of the hood. but now I'd like it to look as good as the rest of the car..

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The original paint was single stage enamel (no clear coat in those days). Try some liquid rubbing compound (3m or equivalent). It may shine up. Chuck
It's interesting on my son's 2001 Mustang Bullitt, one of the special "Bullitt" features was clear coat in the engine compartment. Our 2004 Mach 1's also have clear coat in the engine compartment, but not sure if it's standard on the current Mustangs. I did have the underside of my 73 convertible clear coated when it was painted last year. It turned out great. Good luck with yours.

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upload a photo on internet

Chuck is right,it was a single stage enamal just as the rest of the car.The paint had a shine to it.I kept mine waxed(thats when I was young) and had lot's of time.
By the way ,if you had the two tone paint,the black / argent wrapped around the back side of the hood(as seen from the passenger compartment) to the underside of the hood.It will look like "overspray" underneith about 4 inches up.

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This was a great question and I will add to it.

On cars with full RAM AIR was the area behind the plenum body color or blacked out?

I've seen it both ways and always wondered.

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