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Boss Clutch Return Spring
Is the clutch return spring the same for all 51c 4 speeds? The clutch pedal doesn't want to come all the way back up. The PO had put another "helper spring" on the clutch pedal to try to pull it up. Anyone have pics on replacement?
I also had this problem recently. I was going to order a spring, but before I did I called around. I talked to Andy at "Andy's Classic Mustangs" in Spokane. He told me that return spring was a bad design that just made your bushing wear out faster. He advised to just take it out and install a spring somewhere else.
I still wasn't convinced, so I went down to another repair shop that I think highly of and asked the same question. Same exact responce.

Went home and took mine out. Works great. I still haven't added a spring yet, but will in the near furture. I only need it now for about the last inch of travell.

My 2 cents worth, hope this helps - - or fix it a new original spring. Looks like a hell of a job. Location - behind the tach - up near the top of the clutch linkage. ( where the spring is located. ):Rolleyes
Well I don't see one where the one they rigged up on Dad's old Boss. The clutch pedal only comes back up halfway and then I pulled it up with my foot the rest of the way.
Look up under the column
Is the large HD assist spring mounted on the pedal housing?
Sounds like yours may be missing if the pedal is floating in middle range.
The spring under the dash is called the over centre spring. It's job is not only to hold the pedal up, but once you push it down so far, over centre, it assists you in pushing the clutch pedal to the floor. If the bushings that the spring works on are bad, it's geometry changes and the over centre point goes away from spec. If the bushing and the rest of the linkage are in good condition, and the pedal still hangs, then the springs in the pressure plate may be losing tension. I used to see this hanging condition a lot when rebuilt clutch assemblies were used. The modern diaphram style replacements tell you to remove the over centre spring in some applications. For my money, I would not use the old Long style clutch assy., but would go with a newer diaphram.
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