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Boss 429 Original Engine was found
Talk about a needle in a haystack. I was dropping my CC 351C heads off at engine shop to have them cleaned and Magna Flux checked getting everything ready for my 72 Q code vert build. Bill the owner of the shop said I just missed seeing the Boss 429 block that he just cleaned and checked.
One of the local guys here that trims trees and takes them down for a living had bought a Boss 429 last year. He got for a little over $100,000 due to it not having it's original numbers matching engine. His car is a 1969 and I think #35 off the line. The first 50 Boss 9's had magnesium valve covers and the others had aluminum. His engine had been changed out for some reason and was lost.
He gets a call from an stranger that said "I think I have your original Boss 9 complete engine". He sent pictures of the VIN# and it matched and still had the magnesium valve covers included. I was told he paid $35,000 for the engine. He brought the block to have it cleaned and checked and it was perfect still standard bore and did not need boring.
It is thought that back when new there was a issue with the engine. Ford did not do the repairs on the Boss 9 engines they were sent back to Holman Moody for repairs. They think H&M did not pay any attention to the VIN# and just sent any Boss 9 that was ready to go back and they got mixed up. So now he has doubled the value of his car getting the original engine with VIN# and it also being one of the first 50 down the line.
I guess the tree trimmers make good money, they do get about $700 for each tree they take down here and more if they have to take out with crane.
Will see if I can get some pictures when he does the rebuild on the engine.
BTW does anyone have any very detailed info on the Boss 9. This will be his first build of one so he is reading up on them.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
A very cool story and lucky for him. I suggest he join the Boss 302 Registry (there is a good message board there and they have sections for all the Boss cars). Also join the Concours Mustang site, also lot of good information. John Kasse (sp?) would be a good resource. Chuck
+ one on the Boss Registry as Chuck suggested. My neighbor has a 70 Boss 429 and I am lucky to be able to learn about and actually ride in that piece of absolute automotive history !!! He has owned his car since he was 16yrs old in 1976, it is a local car with all history and paid under 2k for it back then. A very cool car for sure......
Thanks, Jay
He SHOULD eventually get set up with Ed Meyer's , as Jon Kasse is more a reproduction builder! Ed has restored more EARLY Boss 429's than anyone, knows the differences in the early cars. Depending on when it lost it's motor, the parts he has may not be right for a S engine -it would be easy to confuse part as HM would have "used what they felt best" (though not necessarily correct)

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