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Boss 351 From Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals
I came across this video from the 2016 Muscle Cars and Corvette Nationals. This was in town and I missed it! Anyhow this guy scored a nice Boss, looks like mine except the wheels. However he doesn't seem to know his car very well. Such as number of Boss 3's made and that is a power steering cooler not an oil cooler. Maybe because he has only had it for 6 months.

I do like the interior though, it looks good with this color.

Very interesting video. Thanks for posting it.
Sweet car!
great idle note. Pure muscle.
nice car but the owner who claims he is lifelong Ford guy doesn't know much about this Boss. I like the "NASCAR" hood comment.

[Image: adpic.jpg]
Awesome car!

- Mike
72MustangSprint;287894 Wrote:nice car but the owner who claims he is lifelong Ford guy doesn't know much about this Boss. I like the "NASCAR" hood comment.

Yeah, I caught that too. I wonder if it's because the scoops are called NACA ducts? Maybe someone extrapolated NAsCAr from that acronym?

I'm sure most on this forum know, but NACA evolved to become the very well known NASA. NACA developed, among other things, the shapes of airfoils and ducts that were aerodynamically efficient and stable. There exists a catalog, of sorts, containing various airfoil and duct shapes for all sorts of different applications/conditions. Learned about that in my low-speed aero course....man that seems like such a long time ago. lol
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