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Bonnie and Clyde Guns Going to Auction
I found this interesting and thought I would pass it on since we are all history buffs!

Cool but boy wouldn't that give you a weird feeling holding them in your hand? what some history.
That is some history...Imagine going out and firing just one of the original bullets on youtube they give you with itWink With enough hits..You would make your money back ..hehehe...Original bonnie and clyde pistols...I imagine they will bring a little more than they estimate....They like to keep the estimate low so some people think they got a chance of owning them...lol
Clyde Barrow's original Colt 45 would be quite a score! I'd also love to have one of the BAR's that shot Bonnie and Clyde down!

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Pretty cool history article

Call me skeptical but, to pay out that kind of money it would require more than a letter from the son of one of the Texas Rangers involved and photos, for me to accept them as the original weapons taken from their bodies. I'd require at least a certified police report completed at the time of the incident listing the serial numbers of the weapons with their descriptions, then I'd require a metallurigist to verify the serial numbers on the weapons hadn't been altered and were the same as on the police report. Having verified they're the same weapons taken from their bodies, yes it would quite a score. Now that would be owning a piece of history.


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