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Body parts kits??
Has anyone bought/Used the NPD Master Body Hardware kits?
 In researching options I find quite a bit of discrepancy across the sources and would rather get a single comprehensive kit vs. piecemeal parts hunting.
But if the kits are questionable quality or incorrect maybe they are not worth the money?
[Image: NPD_Master_kit.jpg]
I think it depends on what your restoration goal is. A nice driver and occasional show car or a Judged MCA unrestored, street driven or trailered concourse or thoroughbred. If you do not plan on building a trailered driven concourse or higher the AMK kits are fine. Not all the hardware is an exact match to the original bolt heads and markings, but they will fit, look original to the average spectator, and only you and an MCA gold judge can tell the difference. AMK makes most of the hardware in the kits and it holds up fine over the years. I have a 20 year old restoration on an occasional driver that I used an AMK body and engine kit on and it still looks great. The kits have everything labeled so it makes it easy to replace the old bolts, especially if you have lost track of what is what and where.

The only other route is to have your old rusty bolts cleaned up and replated and that is time consuming and replating is pricey unless you can replate them yourself.

Not a "comprehensive" answer but just my two cents.

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Thanks for the reply.. yeah.. I am going to try to get it as close to original as possible but not trying to go real concourse.. This is my first Mustang "restoration" so I'll likely make some goofs anyways. .. I want a nice drivable car I can take to some shows and have fun with.
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For what it's worth I purchased both master body & interior kits and more than happy with them
They are well labelled and close to original looking so perfect for the everyday restoration
i ended up with some fasteners I didn't require and 1 or 2 that weren't included but that is to be expected I guess
I don't have any plating resources in my town so new was best choice for me
Would need to take into account the time wasted trying to find individual fasteners which is not an option in my case
Also keep in mind it seems there are different kits ...
For example on line
NPD shows a 348 PC master body kit for $ 238.50  for a 1972 Mustang
The 72Z-M master body kit I get from AMK has 416 pieces, I sell it for 240.00

Ohio Mustang Supply

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Thanks for the heads up..
I guess i know where to go now!
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