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Blower not blowing!!
A few months back the ac compressor locked up while driving, had to cut the belt until i decided wht to do with the ac, yesterday i tried to turn the heater on, i can feel the heat but the blower not coming on. Tried to find the fuse but no luck, where should i look?HuhUndecided
it might be the switch, you have to reach up on the drivers side foot well behind the lower center panel for the A/C controls where the fan switch is.
there is a large connector with 5 prongs, try turning on the switch and jiggling the connector and pushing the connector in and see if the fan turns on.

usually the switch goes bad, it is a big deal to replace it. there is no real easy way to get to it. you have to get the drivers seat out of the car and basically take apart the center gauge cluster. to get down to the climate control system controller and take that out to replace the switch.

you can loosen everything and try to move the bottom of the panel out to get to the switch however it is not easy at all, even when you know what you are doing. you can break things that way so it is safer to go the long way. first see if it is the switch.

i've had to replace my switch 3 times over the years.
the last time, i took the new switch to the bench before install and i silver soldered all the terminal connectors on the fiberglass of the switch back before install.

the switch gets hot and melts the fiberglass which loosens the rivets that hold the connector tabs to the switch contacts, over time the switch gets more and more flaky until it stops working. as the fan wears the brushes the amp load goes up as well making the switch get hotter and degrading it further.

when i soldered the connectors to the rivets i eliminated a failure point on the switch.
The fuse for the heater motor is the top-right most fuse: 20 amps.

Let me check your shorts!

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Thanks guys! I will stArt looking into it when it quits rainingSmile
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