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block identification
Hi , Looking to buy a block described as a 351 4 bolt mains , for a stroker build, casting no is D2AE-CA ,can anyone ident this number , the block is some hundreds of miles away , do not have any more info or sight of block , it does have air con and ps pump attached , thx in advance
Casting number is correct for 4 bolt 351C. Chuck
Chuck is absolutely correct as it relates to blocks with this casting number from 1972-1974 but according to my references 4V Cleveland blocks (non CJ and Boss) with this casting number from 1971 did not have the 4-bolt mains.

Are you able to get the date code off the block? You could also ask the "seller" if it has the 4-bolt mains. It could be a CJ or Boss block which did have the 4-bolt mains in 1971.

Hope this helps (and not confuse the issue).


Do the RIGHT thing.
BT is correct if it is a 71 casting date it is likely 2 bolt. Good catch BT, I must be slipping in my senior years. Really, thanks for the clarification. I do not want to put out wrong or incomplete information on the forum. Chuck
Oh, I don't think you are slipping, Chuck. Your response was definitely "on the money."

The build date "deviation" on the '71s is a very easy thing to forget as are a couple of other nuances during the three years of OUR cars' production runs.

I am really curious as to whether or not this particular block has 4-bolt mains.


Do the RIGHT thing.
Now THAT'S what makes this such a great forum. You guys are quality. You Rock

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Thanks guys ,I am keen to buy , I will let you know how it works out
markmel -

Just gotta agree.

c9zx & cobra3073 are "two of many" who continually showcase the amount of knowledge we have on this forum.

-and we all work to keep a good check and balance for correct info - pretty darn cool... Ray

1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
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