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Blade fuses
Focusing on electrical this winter.

I'd love to change out my current glass fuses/box to blades. Seems I can't tell if fuse is blown cuz it usually shatters when I remove it - is blown fuse the prob or some ground/etc issue?

Is there a conversion kit? If so, how hard to change out?
When I started working on cars all there were on American cars were glass fuses, it was many years before the blade fuses came out, and worked on a variety of electronic equipment with glass fuses, and I never broke a fuse. Do not pry on the glass, only on the end of the fuse with a small screwdriver. Even better, get a glass fuse puller, this kind has a hook on one end for glass fuses

You need to use a volt-ohm meter to test the fuses before you remove them. Or get a fuse tester, this one also removes fuses

I don't know of a conversion kit. You would have to buy a fuse block for blade fuses and remove the glass fuse block and replace it by wiring in the new fuse block. This is not something that should be attempted unless you have a lot of experience with automotive wiring.

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