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Big decision time!
The battle has been won in the war office. (the bedroom).
I have the green light to change my gearbox (fmx) to a 4 speed.
I'm thinking of an AOD. But now I'm entertain the idea of a manual.
Let's forget the wow factor for a moment and tell me which would be easier?
Ideally I'd like a 4 speed manual, but I'm suspecting I'll get put off by the various bit and pieces I may need to fabricate.
Has anyone done a step by step tutorial with pictures for this conversion? Even an AOD swap tutorial? What about a link to a website with this information?

I'll probably be doing the lot myself at home. I'm also imagining that I won't have to pull the engine for AOD swap. Is this also the case for the manual?
This may be a deciding factor for me.

All opinions wanted.
PS, I don't drive it enough to worry about 5 or 6 speed manual, but if it's just as easy and cost effective, I'm all ears....
PPS, would another 4 speed auto be worth looking at?

Cheers to all.
Jimbo. (Master of nothing! , except maybe in the war office! Hehe.)

[Image: Image3.png]
AOD will be the least expensive, I would think. But a 4R70W would be sweet!
Roy ( tnfastback) and Jeff droptop 73 both did conversions from Auto to manual , I'm sure the threads are here.

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
Its possible to do it for under $1500. my dad did that to his mustang in the 90s. Got a trans and everything from an old 70 that was disintegrated in some guys yard.
I believe it's possible to change to either the AOD/4r70w or manual with the engine in the car, but you'll probably thank your knuckles (and other body parts) if you pull the engine.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Jim how about omething like this


He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Or toss a gearvendors on the back of the three speed.

What are you looking to accomplish?

73 Convertible - 351C/4V CC heads/4bolt/forged flat tops/comp 270/rhodes/mallory unilite/tri-power/hookers/glasspacks/c6/3.50 limited slip/Gear Vendors/Global West sub frames, strut rods and shelby style traction bars/ Rear sway bar/tilt steering (not original)

Pics of modifications included in:
(02-06-2014, 09:05 PM)will e Wrote: Or toss a gearvendors on the back of the three speed.

What are you looking to accomplish?

Will, tell me more about the gear vendors thing?
Although the 3 speed is a pain on the freeway, truthfully, because I don't drive the car much, I can live with that.
I s'pose the main reason is because the fmx is on its last legs. The car was born with a c6. Would it be easier to put a fresh c6 back in ?

[Image: Image3.png]
if you can live without the overdrive and If you put a 3 speed auto back in go C4, lighter and requires the least amount of power to run it. Good trick box would go about 1600 bucks here. You won't break it, there are heaps of 9 second cars running C4s in the country to prove it. Just my 2 cents.

ps toploaders an option for gear grabbing. nothing to much better in the car world than a 4 speed clevo

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
The easiest, most cost effective,strongest & Best bang for the buck is going to be the 4r70w I'm smack in the middle of doing mine now..I purchased one off craigslist from a totaled 2001 v6 mustang..thats what you want 2000-2001 v-6 mustang..The fmx flexplate bolts right up to the v-6 stock torque converter..you can use the fmx crossmember..You just need the electronics..valve body reprogramming kit..I went with the baumann setup..I decided to take my tranny to a local shop just for a tear down overhaul install the reprogramming kit..The tranny I scored was pretty mint inside (most v-6 will be) You will need to fabricate an arm for the shifter if you want to retain your stock shifter I posted up a how to this week on that.
So far heres what I'm into it for
Tranny 175.00
Baumann quick 1 controller-wire harness-tps (throttle position sensor) 700.00
Trans go reprograming kit-89.00
Tranny shop 400.00
Had a fmx flexplate
Had a fmx crossmember
Going to need a new front yoke
May have to shorten driveshaft

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