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Best way to remove grease and oil?
Okay so I need a reliable method for removing oil and grease from parts. Mainly most of the parts can be soaked. Bolts, Rods, Rockers....you know. I have tried soaking them in dawn, Purple Power, Degreaser, Windex lol

Whats a good product that will allow me to soak them for a few hours to hot to even touch water. I have a 2x2x2 sink that gets water about 140-200 degrees if I let it run for a few minutes.
I usualy soak mine in break cleaner or carb cleaner spray...Grease and oil is always a tuff battle.
Dawn dish-washing soap is good for light stuff. You might try using some Easy-Off oven cleaner for the more stubborn 'cooked on' stuff.

Brake and Carb cleaner goes a long way, too.


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Will give those all a go. So many bolts and nuts to degrease
Castrol Super Clean is the best commercial degreaser I have found. Watch out on aluminum parts it will etch them.

Jeff T.

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Actually, I used some Permatex Gel and Foaming degreasers (in that order) on the 'free' AOD I scored (it was nasty, I wish I'd had a 'before' picture).

I had to use a stiff-bristle scrub brush in the nooks and crannies after the product had 'cooked' for the allotted time during each application, and didn't do a very good job on the bottom (because of the tranny jack), but last bit of ick later came off quite easily after it was in the car. I used about a half can of the Gel initially, power rinsed, Gel again, brush, rinse, half a can of the Foaming stuff, rinse, and here we are:

[Image: 401624_449151045095819_2127023286_n.jpg]


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Paint thinner/naphtha in my parts washer.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
I like to use a 50/50 mix of shell Degreaser and kerosene, and leave the dirtier bits to soak over night.
Parts cleaning fluid in a 5 gallon can from Tractor Supply and a stiff brush works well.
Mister 4x4;104405 Wrote:Dawn dish-washing soap is good for light stuff. You might try using some Easy-Off oven cleaner for the more stubborn 'cooked on' stuff.

Brake and Carb cleaner goes a long way, too.
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