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Best hydraulic clutch master cylinder solution??
Spent quite a bit of time searching past threads here and anything I could find on the net....thought I'd ask to see if there is any updated info out there??

If you are using a hydraulic clutch master cylinder, I'd appreciate info on whether you are using a kit or a home brew and the details......also, did your conversion work with factory power brake booster or did you replace the factory booster with something else? Details?? Any first hand info would be appreciated......even the failures!

I am really only interested in the clutch master cylinder parts of the conversion......we will be using a T56 with hydraulic throwout bearing, so we have that part covered.
Extra points for photos!! Big Grin

Thanks, Mark

I purchaced this—I have not used it , just installed the hydr master cylinder for mock up on the firewall before final finish. I installed mistakenly next to booster, it can be done worked out fine.It’s supposed to be installed at the base of the steering column. I actually moved it after I realized I made the mistake of mounting it next to the booster. I’m going to move it back to where I put it because I like the amount of stroke vs the way they want it. Both would be fine. Way easier the way they want it installed. I got the kit because I’m doing so much I didn’t want to fart around with trying to figure if this master would work best with what hydr throw out bearing. Hope it helps

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[Image: da62836f5f7369f2fbc5aeee182850fc.jpg][Image: 034f71690ff70d9ed97c18d9b452c6c4.jpg]

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I'd look at the Tilton 6000 series. Chuck
Thanks Go Time!

I did a search for Tilton 6000 and it came up as a hydraulic throw out bearing??
My apologies, I didn't read your post carefully enough. You might contact the maker of the release bearing you are going to use to see if they can provide some in-sight as to what may work. Chuck
Contact Modern Driveline. They don't list a kit for 71-73 bit, Ill bet they can figure it out
Picture inside the link. Now about those bonus points.....   Chuck Tongue
(08-13-2018, 03:08 PM)c9zx Wrote: Contact Modern Driveline. They don't list a kit for 71-73 bit, Ill bet they can figure it out
Picture inside the link. Now about those bonus points.....   Chuck Tongue

Sorry, no extra points, that's not your photo!  Big Grin
BE WARY of the American Powertrain solution. Yes it works, but it doesn't work correctly. I installed it in my car. In the correct location. Unfortunately, the throw of the pedal at the mounting location is greater than the throw of the master cylinder. So, if you mash the pedal to the floor, it will damage the master cylinder and the pedal will stay down. You'll have about $100-150 worth of parts to replace when this happens.

When I get around to it, I need to either change the mounting location or develop a bracket to convert the motion. If I had to do it all over again I would do one of two things:

1.) get all of the mechanical clutch parts and figure out a way to connect the mechanical clutch parts to the master cylinder, which I would mount somewhere on or near the transmission

2.) call modern driveline and see what they offer. One of the brackets in their other kits looks like what I'll need to develop to fix the geometry in the american powertrain version. http://transmission.moderndriveline.com/...26p516.htm (the J bracket in the photo below)

[Image: p1010013_2286_general.jpg]

In short, the American Power train kit is GREAT in every aspect EXCEPT for matching the pedal alignment/ throw to the master cylinder. If anyone has solved this problem, I'd be happy to hear your solution.
Following this as I'm really interested in doing a hydraulic conversion for my TKO 600. I get that there isn't a perfect kit out there to make this work but as the OP is asking...a detailed list of parts with install pics would be awesome.
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